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Singer & Songwriter   Miss Manolita writes in German and English , interpreted their experienced , visionary texts in the style of a new type , sound with Mr. Soundschrauber Instrumenalen, new Sounds for the Present. The Team , which has met only recently , shows like Professionally man (woman)can produced . Biography At the age of 6 years, I heard Michael Jackson's " Human Nature" on the radio and was henceforth enchanted by this music. From that day on he was my idol. I began to sing , and even in kindergarten I sang the chorus of the song.  In the school, I already stood out with my singing. From then on , I was known as a singer in elementary school . At the age of 7 I was given my first cd , it was of course Micheal Jackson „Thriller“. From then on it went step by step , talent contests where I imitated Michael Jackson. Musicals, etc , because I realized that I feel at home on the stage . By my not so rosy Childhood I could understand Lyrics and Emotions very well and I empathize . To write poems and to keep a diary age of 10 I started . I then processed my Pain and that I am doing today. There fore mine is real to sing very important, I want to play for nothing or people I deceive would that one sees the truth and feel that's the best of the music, and only Music! I want to show People some of my emotional Vocals and my Lyrics , that you are not alone. I want to help People that is not doing well and need help. As one of Micheal Jackson. I had never given up the music or me , although I have many false and dishonest People met in my Life. My Heart has always belonged to the Music , fought with my honest way now on and met People who love me and my Music, and support in my work... Now I 'm here ...
Jetzt und hier unsere neue Künstlerin Miss Manolita mit Ihrem Solo CD Album produziert von Mr. Soundschrauber...  
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Produced by Fred Kraft Vocals by Miss Manolita Text by Miss Manolita Written & Composed by Fred Kraft Mixed and Remastered by Fred Kraft  Artwork by Fred Kraft 2015 Transmission Music All rights of the producer and the owner of the recorded work reserved.  Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting, public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited.
Titel            Länge  01. Your Door 03:47  02. Search Freddy 03:42  03. Game 04:20  04. Dance with me 04:07  05. DJ 04:20  06. Don´t leave me 03:47  07. Destroy 03:08  08. Never your wife 03:52  09. Touch her 03:59  10. God of War 04:18  
The Same
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